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  • Scandal in His Arms


    Three Noblemen and a baby in this amazing new release

    Scandal in His Arms
  • Cynfell Brothers

    Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride. Which best describes you?


    Cynfell Brothers
  • Le Choix de Marguerite


    1815, dans la France de la Restauration, Marguerite, une jeune orpheline...

    Le Choix de Marguerite
  • A Duke by Scot


    The MacGalloways Book 1

    Martin and Julia

    A Duke by Scot
  • Ultimate Vengeance

    Antiheroes and happily ever afters in Book 4 of the bestselling mafia series WANTED MEN

    Ultimate Vengeance
  • In Finn's Heart


    Will Finn's heart be strong enough to support Hadley's ailing one?

    In Finn's Heart
  • The Time Traveler's Christmas

    A man’s life can fall apart in an instant, but when the passion comes...

    The Time Traveler's Christmas
  • The Egyptian Antiquities Murder

    Third Volume of the High Society Lady Detective series

    The Egyptian Antiquities Murder
  • His Outlaw Omega


    An omega on the run will show this alpha general the truth can heal...

    His Outlaw Omega
  • Juste un sourire


    Aussi différents soient-ils, certains êtres sont faits pour s'aimer.

    Juste un sourire
  • The Inheritanche Clause

    The Templeton siblings have inherited a fortune. But there’s a catch…


    The Inheritanche Clause
  • Dragon's Heart

    A kiss will turn their world upside down... Rhys and Lila love and adventures


    Dragon's Heart
  • Cashmere and Camo

    A friends to lovers romance…and then some. Brynn and Noah story


    Cashmere and Camo
  • Tanner's Scheme

    After the Feline Breeds' main base is attacked, Tanner desires revenge. 


    Tanner's Scheme

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